5 Latest Technologies in the Medical Field

5 Latest Technologies in the Medical FieldHealth is one of the fields that has been developed from time to time about medicine and medical facilities that are currently based on technology. Technology is also one of the important things that can not be separated from the daily lives of many people in modern times.

You certainly agree that human power alone won’t be able to do a lot of work or needs. Even if you are able to work with lots of people, you can be said to be capable, but the power of each person is also limited and must be added to the length of time you need.

In the world of own health, technology is now increasingly being developed to make it easier to make drugs, research a virus or a new disease, and also to help patients recover. In fact, many of the treatments that are now increasingly extraordinary in the healing period. Here are the 5 latest technologies in between.

Technology for connecting skin and bone cells

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You must understand, how do you panic, someone who has an accident plus a broken bone? Of course it needs fast medical treatment if this happens. Especially about connecting bones. So, so on this matter medical people develop this fast handling technology.

A study conducted by Ohio University which found a treatment medium in the form of a special “chip” that can directly connect skin cells and bones to hold temporarily, so that your fractures are not very sick before getting further medical treatment.

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Fat burning technology

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For those of you who are obese, new findings in the medical field are also predicted to be very helpful for you. The technology that will help melt the accumulated fat is called the “Microneedle Patch” with nanopatch technology.

This technology was made by them researchers from Colombia University Medical Center. But not everyone turns out to be able to apply this technology. Those who have or are taking a diet drug, the effect of which is to convert brown fat into white fat must have a certain period of time so that the effects of diet drugs are reduced.

The workings of the microneedle nanopatch are to control the drugs that have been injected into the microneedle into certain areas determined by medical personnel. Like for example only on the skin and afterwards brown fat will melt slowly into the form of nanoparticles.

Technology controller with mind.

5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

For people with paralysis, it is certainly a difficult thing for them to do the various activities that they need by just running everything alone. How can it be difficult to move if it is still difficult, especially to do other things that are not necessarily easy for him.

If you are a fan of sci-fi genre films or certain fantasy genre, you are no stranger to movie scenes featuring super-sophisticated technology that can read what someone thinks and then run it. As if, someone only relies on his mind’s ability as well as an ability to be faithful.

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Cancer detection pen

5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

Cancer is still a serious disease that many people fear. How not to be afraid, from the cost of care and and medicines that are not cheap in price are some of the things that most people become an addition to life.

But you don’t need to be afraid anymore and can actually be detected earlier at a young age with the discovery of a cancer detector as a result of a University of Texas study of a pen in the form of a device, and also called Masspec Pen. This pen serves to distinguish cancer during the healing period within 10 seconds.

Detection tool for someone’s life expectancy

5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

The internal organs that were part of the detection could not be detected by most people without the help of medical personnel or medical technology, making researchers at Adeide of the University of Adelaide discovered a new technology in the medical field called artificial intelligence to predict a person’s life expectancy according to medical analysis.

In his research, the researchers used 48 images of the patient’s chest and studied them more deeply. Algorithms which require predictions from some patients can detect approximately the life expectancy of patients who will die sooner in the span of 5 years. The results of this detection are approximately 69%.

This deeper detection uses algorithmic techniques, then makes an observation and prediction. In this case, the algorithm will study more complex types of diseases by looking at the conditions of some human organs. But of course it still needs a lot more development to improve the use of this technology.

Medical Check Up: Usability and Procedure

Medical Check Up: Usability and Procedure – Medical check-up is a routine check-up done to ensure that someone is in a healthy condition and prevents anything that is not desirable, which can lead to an illness.

There is a saying that it is better to prevent than cure, this principle is used in the medical check-up (MCU) procedure. Until now there are still many people who are hesitant to do MCU regularly for various reasons, such as feeling themselves healthy, afraid to pay expensive medical check-up fees and so on.

Use of Medical Check Up

Medical check-up is done to determine the health condition of the body and also detect the presence of a disorder early on. When it can be detected early, it is expected that the journey of a disease can be inhibited or controlled.

The following conditions require medical check-up:

  • Routine Check. MCU should be done periodically at least once a year by all people without exception, both children and parents, women and men, healthy and sick.
  • Disease Monitoring. In people who have been diagnosed with an illness, the MCU needs to be done to monitor the course of the disease, whether there has been an improvement or even experience deterioration.
  • Married plan. Medical check-up also needs to be done if a couple wants to plan a wedding, called a pre-marital check-up. This aims to be known whether there are abnormalities that can interfere with fetal development during pregnancy. For example, the presence of toxoplasma infection in women who are going to get married should be treated first until they are completely cured before planning a pregnancy. the type of inspection carried out for couples who are going to get married is certainly different from the checks carried out during regular medical check ups.
  • Work and School Terms. In addition, the MCU is also one of the requirements to register a job opening or register for a school exam

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Medical Check Up Procedure

This medical check-up procedure can be done in a laboratory or hospital. The type of examination to be carried out varies according to one’s condition and also the purpose of conducting the MCU.

In general, examinations carried out during medical check-ups are physical examinations and investigations.

Physical examination
The physical examination performed at the medical check-up includes:

  • Weight and height

A person’s weight and height are measured based on BMI criteria (Body Mass Index). BMI is measured by the formula: Weight (in kg) divided by Height squared (in meters). BMI classification based on WHO, namely:

  • Value <18.5: underweight
  • Value 18.5 – 24.9: normal
  • Value 25.0 – 29.9: overweight
  • Value 30.0 – 34.9: Level 1 Obesity
  • Value 35.0 – 39.9: Obesity level 2
  • Value 40: Level 3 Obesity

Examination of vital signs, such as: blood pressure (normal 120/80 mmHg), pulse (normal 60-100 times per minute), respiratory rate (normal 12-20 times per minute), and body temperature (normal 37.50C) .

Eye. Checked to find out the sharpness of vision, the presence or absence of refractive abnormalities, astigmatism, cataracts, pressure inside the eyeball, visual field examination, color blindness, infection and so on.

Nose. The presence or absence of septal deviation, mass in the nasal cavity, and so on
Oral cavity. Are there signs of infection in the oral cavity or not, tonsillar gland enlargement, dental examination and so on.

Ear. It is judged whether the eardrum is intact or not, the presence of cerumen, and hearing ability, and so on.

Chest cavity. To assess the lung organs and heart, there are abnormalities or not.

Abdominal cavity. To assess liver (liver), intestine and lymph organs.

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Supporting investigation

The investigations carried out, will be tailored to the needs of the patient. Some medical check-up checks that can be done include:

  • Blood laboratory examination

From a blood test, you can find many things like:

Hemoglobin (Hb); normal men 14 – 18 gr / dL and normal women 12-16 gr / dL

Leukocytes (white blood cells); normally 4,000 – 10,000 cells per mm3.

Platelets; normally 200-400 thousand cells per mm3.

Electrolyte levels: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Chloride

Fasting blood sugar levels (normal 80-100 mg / dL) and blood sugar levels 2 hours after fasting (normal 120-140 mg / dL)

Cholesterol; normally HDL> 60 mg / dL, LDL <100 mg / dL, triglycerides <150 mg / dL, and total cholesterol <200 mg / dL

Uric acid; normal men 3.5 – 7 mg / dL and normal women 2.5 – 6 mg / dL

Liver function; normally SGOT <45 and SGPT <35, further read: SGOT and SGPT: Normal, High, Low & Meaning Value

Kidney function; normally urea 10-50 and creatinine 0.5 – 1.3


Urine examination (urinalysis). From a urine examination it can be seen whether there is a urinary tract infection or not

Chest X-ray. To find out whether there is an infection in the lungs and know whether or not there is heart attack.

Eletrocardiography (ECG). To record the electrical activity of the heart, from this EKG examination it can be seen whether there is an enlargement of the heart, heart rate, heart rhythm, presence

or absence of blockages, and so on.

Treadmill. To find out the work ability of the heart

Special laboratory tests to determine the presence of certain infections, such as HBsAg for hepatitis B infection, sexually transmitted diseases, and so on.

Special laboratory examination to determine the presence of a marker of malignancy (Ca marker).

Before undergoing medical check-up, the patient should consult with a doctor first, to find out what examinations need to be done according to the patient’s needs.

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Itulah beberapa tips dari saya dan memang sering saya gunakan. Semoga bermanfaat dan bisa memberikan pengetahuan lebih kepada kalian para pembaca sekalian.

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